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Thanks for stopping by our site. We’ve been into vaping for some time now (that’s what we call using e-cigs, rather than smoking), and we have some pretty extensive experience with these devices, and hope we can steer you towards the right product for your needs.

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How To Recognize The Best Cigalikes

Cigalikes are e cigs that resemble cigarettes. When a battery and atomized cartridge are combined, they are roughly as long as a cigarette, weigh only a fraction of an ounce more, and they glow like a cigarette. The tip contains an LED bulb activated by puffing so, much as the embers of your lit cigarette glow when you draw on the tip, the bulb glows when you draw on the cartomizer.

Fundamental Differences

By now you know that e cigs do not contain tar or tobacco. Some liquids are made with tobacco extracts, but at the earliest level of vaping you won’t encounter those. Cartomizers are filled with e liquid that tastes like tobacco or menthol cigarettes.

That cartomizer is heated by a battery-activated coil which gets hot enough to vaporize but not burn the liquid. As a result, you produce no ash and there is no tar. Nicotine is usually an ingredient in the liquid, particularly if you vape a disposable e cig first. In this case, you use it to the stated number of puffs or usually fewer and recycle the battery at your nearest depot. Rechargeable batteries can be charged up to 300 times and usually offer a few hours of vaping on a charge. Cigarettes, of course, last until they are all puffed out and then you dispose of the ashes.

The Best Cigalikes

Read some reviews and follow the charts, especially ones that post reader and expert opinions. Pundits have the advantage of trying many types of e cigs but many of the readers who post comments have nothing or few products to compare with the one they are reviewing. So if they think it is great, they might not know how much more they could expect. Conversely, if they think the product is terrible, their views could be anomalous.

You should read a lot of these reviews to get a full picture about any brand of cigalike. The very best ones, however, are generally the ones that editors and consumers agree are excellent. Even if they don’t give the same number of stars or they would reverse positions, the trends you see online are fairly accurate.

Top Selling E Cigs

Some of the best brands right now are South Beach Smoke, Vaporfi, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs. Halo, Volcano, Cigavette, 777, and Eversmoke make good products. White Cloud, Apollo, and Nuvocig sometimes join the list, but you have to be aware that some brands are well loved for their intermediate e cigs, not as much for their cigalikes.

For instance, the Halo G6 is good but the Triton is excellent. Cigavette makes three levels of battery, all of them easy to use but only one of them similar in size to a cigarette. The Vaporfi Express is their only cigalike out of 8 products. Nuvocig’s eGo battery is the one they get the most press about and the same is true of Apollo. Volcano’s Magma e cig resembles a cigarette, but their most famous and beloved products are the Inferno and LavaTube.

Top Disposables

Out of these companies, few do not produce disposables e cigs. Eversmoke, Vaporfi, and Halo, for instance, produce only rechargeable products. While these are more cost effective and environmentally responsible, disposables act as a way in to the uncharted land of vaping when you are nervously examining the possibilities.

V2 Cigs makes a line of tobacco and menthol disposables that are easy to find in stores and to purchase online. They’re everywhere.

Check out their basic kit which contains 1 rechargeable, and a disposable:

V2 Beginner's kit


South Beach Smoke sells disposable e cigs online, but you have to buy 4 at one time or more. White Cloud offers the best variety of disposables in all their various flavors. Cigavette only carries flavored disposable e hookahs and e cigars, so you can’t try their tobacco or menthol flavor as a one-off.



Rechargeable Kits

Each of these e cig brands features starter kits which are affordable bundles containing chargers, cartridges, and batteries. It is good advice to buy a two-battery kit. You should always have one charging while the other is in use. Out of all these companies, the one with the most choices is probably V2 Cigs. The most authentic looking e cigs, however, could be attributed to almost any of these. V2, Halo, South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, and Green Smoke provide multiple color options, including a realistic white and tan combination.

Electronic Cigarette: The Good, The Bad, And The Unknown

The topic of e cigarettes has been controversial since they first started appearing in gas stations a decade ago. Now, with the FDA approaching each American company that makes e cigs and e liquids, eager to perform tests, there will be some official answers in the near future concerning regulation and standards.

This will be a relief to many, the end of a business for plenty, and an opportunity for still other entrepreneurs to begin on a solid platform and know what it is they must do to satisfy the government and reassure the public. What is all of this controversy about?

Electronic Cigarette Injury

Whatever individuals are arguing about, the focus always comes back to safety. Are e liquids safe? Will vaping cause lung or heart damage? Should e liquid contain nicotine? Will e cigs explode?

That last question sounds like a joke designed to see if readers are paying attention. But there have been stories in the news where electronic cigarettes exploded or caught fire. Early chargers were not fitted with overcharge protection and sometimes overheated, causing electrical fires.

Compare e cigs to cars. The industry can release lots of caveats: that a car remains relatively safe so long as the operator maintains it and drives the car safely, fills it with approved fuel, additives, and oil, and drives on inflated tires. If the driver obeys the speed limit, washes his windscreen, pumps up his tires, and uses the correct fuel, his car is relatively safe. If he veers from that course, there is no telling what could happen.

E cigs are much like that in one respect. Manufacturers recommend reading the manual that comes with a rechargeable device. They warn people not to overcharge their e cigs and to use approved chargers. Consumers should not open up their cartridges and refill them with homemade e liquids which might burn them or cause a chemical reaction.

But consumers do these things and they get hurt. More worryingly, many customers have bought cheap devices, which malfunctioned with injurious consequences even though these people followed instructions conscientiously. Their experiences raise questions for insurance companies and put some would-be e cig converts on their guard.

Numbers of injuries are relatively small. For the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have used e cigarettes, the proportion experiencing such dramatic consequences as burning or explosion is less than 1%.

Electronic Cigarette Liquid

E liquid is another matter, and although it is unlikely to cause burns to your mouth, there are other, more insidious consequences of vaping low-quality stuff. E juice is frequently mixed by people who, in a previous life, were bartenders, chemists, and gourmet chefs. Many of these individuals understand what a good flavoring is, apply food-safe techniques, and know what constitutes a low-quality ingredient. Many do not.

Anyone could be mixing e liquid and he might be doing it anywhere. Conditions are often clean but not sterile. Testing is non-existent or inconsistent. Then again, certain companies have been careful from the beginning, creating laboratory conditions, mixing USP-grade ingredients, and ensuring their staff is fully trained to safely and hygienically perform their jobs.

Very few companies use strictly natural ingredients in their e liquid. Most bottles contain natural and artificial flavorings, sometimes coloring. One e juice maker began by innocently mixing a toxic colorant into his highly popular e juice; a brand that sold out as soon as it was released. He has clearly cleaned up his act because the brand and flavor still exist sans colorant.

Smoking vs. Vaping

The scientific community is still locked away in their labs coming up with ways to test this new technology and creating safety parameters, both in comparison to cigarettes and independently of them. Virtually everyone agrees that vaping is better than smoking. Combustion and inhalation of thousands of chemicals is the biggest threat from smoking. Nicotine is also highly addictive and dangerous. Since e cigarettes vaporize material that contains far fewer chemicals, it has to be better.

That is not the same thing as saying e cigs are safe. The comparison stage is over; now electronic cigarettes have to stand alone. E liquid is made with and without nicotine, so that danger can be removed, although choice remains with consumers. Even with nicotine gone, however, there are other questions.

Ingesting certain ingredients, namely propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, is different from inhaling its vapor. Certain consumers have experienced discomfort or illness which might be associated with these ingredients in vapor form. Their symptoms could have been caused by the medium of distribution: metal or plastic. Contents of small e cigs are not contained within a glass compartment, so perhaps the use of an eGo e cig with a glass tank is safer than using a plastic tank, but the jury has yet to decide. Tests could continue for years before the community knows for sure if e cigs are truly safe.

Personal Testimony

That community includes many vapers who were smokers and the family members who watched them struggle under the weight of addiction. Smokers usually wish they had never started and they want to quit. They try to give up cigarettes, going cold turkey, taking pills, chewing gum, wearing patches, and visiting hypnotists. Countless individuals return to cigarettes in spite of their efforts to overcome addiction.

Once they are introduced to electronic cigarettes, lost hope is found once more. Through the use of e cigs they give up smoking, even stop using nicotine, and some claim improvements in health. (It is important to note that there is much unknown, and the long term effects of e cigs, good or bad, are unknown, and they are not classified as aids to quit smoking by the FDA or any other regulatory bodies).

Family and friends of vapers are grateful and become advocates of e cigarettes. These individual stories highlight the value of personal testimony. It really is an emotional industry, one in which more than money but also pain, grief, and triumph are tightly bound together.

The Future of E Cigs

This is a billion-dollar industry which is still getting stronger. There is much excitement about the innovation yet to come. Vaping will eventually overtake smoking until cigarettes become novelties and smokers have to visit specialty shops to find cigarettes. Controversy has merely acted as advertising, and all advertising is good.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - best ecigs worldwide

From Beginner To Advanced E Cigs

The type of e cig made famous by celebrities and most often hyped on the news is a mini cig or beginner electronic cigarette. This pen-sized device also goes by the name cigalike, vaping pen, or smokeless cigarette.

All of these titles tell consumers something about the device: that it creates vapor, not smoke, and resembles a cigarette. The electronic cigarette has a history stretching back a decade. For the individual consumer it is a prop in his unfolding story, particularly as it concerns smoking.

Quit-Smoking Controversy

For the record, e cigarette manufacturers and retailers cannot refer to electronic cigarettes as “smoking cessation devices.” They operate in this way for thousands of individuals around the world but are not officially labeled thus. A lot of marketing hones in on the topic of health: how much better-off smokers would be if they switched to e cigs. The style of a beginner e cig is important to this marketing strategy.

Mini cigs are a novelty. Passersby take a second look. Users smile knowingly, waiting for the confrontation to come. “You can’t smoke in public, put that thing out.” Then, standing right in front of the device, they see what it is and their curiosity gets the better of them. Maybe another convert is born, but it happens most naturally with a beginner cig because cigalikes look so much like real cigarettes.

South Beach e cigRealistic Design

Designers have paid close attention to details. The top part of a cigalike is a cartridge containing e liquid and a heating element or “atomizer.” It is usually colored tan, like the top third of a cigarette. The battery portion screwed onto the cartridge is white, sometimes striped, usually with an LED tip that glows orange as one puffs. Only three things are missing to make this item truly appear to be a cigarette: a poisonous smell, gritty grey smoke, and a smoker’s cough.

The e liquid inside is flavored to simulate a type of cigarette such as Marlboro, Parliament, or Menthol, including the nicotine in those cigarettes which is so highly addictive. Consumers are treated to a wide selection of flavors which reflect, but rarely recreate, those products as well as tastes associated with a cocktail bar, coffee shop, bakery, or fruit stand. They can continue to consume nicotine or slowly reduce their intake, perhaps 0.6% at a time, until nicotine is gone and only the flavor remains.

Mini cig batteries have undergone many transformations, all in an effort to make e cigs narrow and short like cigarettes but to operate for more than 90 minutes on a charge. This is the problem R&D departments have faced: combining realistic looks with acceptable performance. Tens of thousands of people flock to these items yearly because they want to feel like they are still smoking. A section of the smoking population has other priorities.

South Beach Smoke AirEgo E Cigs

That population can handle a bigger e cig; one that will not sit neatly between their fingers and weighs a few more ounces. They do not care about the color: it is power they want.

Such consumers can still compromise on weight by owning a palm-sized e cig that doubles the charge a mini cig is capable of. This item no longer resembles a cigarette, but the feel of smoking remains, including that nicotine hit one craves unless he has opted to delete nicotine.

Ego cigs, however, are typically long devices; about the size, length, and diameter of a thick felt pen. If they were compared to a tobacco product, one would immediately think of a cigar, but not style-wise. The makers of Ego e cigs create many types of finish for the battery and the cartridge portion. LED lights are gone from the tip. Fooling consumers is no longer an issue.

But when that light flashed, it operated as a warning that the battery was going flat. Ego battery buttons (used to start up the atomizer) are back-lit by an LED which does the same thing.

If a mini cig battery contains nearly 200 mAh of power, an Ego triples that or better, sometimes containing 1300 mAh. All of that power is sufficient to vaporize large amounts of liquid over a long period of time. The simple cartridge system is usually replaced with clear or covered, plastic, metal, or glass tanks.

A cartridge holds about 1 ml of liquid. These contain anything from 1.5 ml to 6 ml, the large ones being reserved for advanced e cigs even bigger than Egos. Once they are using blank tanks, customers are invited into a world of e liquids so diverse and complicated as to be a topic for culinary study.

Advanced E Cigs

The same premise continues to work: e cigs heat up liquid in a cartridge. They create vapor. Now the difference is all about power and control. Batteries can still be only 600 mAh or as much as 2600 mAh, but consumers have choices about how to run their e cigs. Advanced devices feature small control buttons and little screens so that consumers can adjust voltage which affects how hot e liquid becomes. This, in turn, affects how thick their vapor is.

Advanced units can be tube-shaped like Egos, sometimes longer and heavier, or they will be box shaped, resembling little radios.

Mechanical e cigs are truly complex since they use a battery, but that battery only fires up the atomizer. Vapers must use mechanical methods to adjust vapor production.

Buying E Cigs, Egos, and Advanced E Cigs

Who sells these gizmos and how much do they cost? Competition has grown; prices have dropped; quality has risen. Consumers can buy these items online and in stores. Many of the biggest names run real shops and tobacconists also carry e cigs.

Corner stores and gas stations sell them. Vape shops carry assorted brands and varieties. Accessories for this industry have become big business. Consumers can re-style their pens with temporary wraps and crystal LED tips. There are numerous styles of lanyards and cases for e cigs. One thing is for sure: by the time you become an advanced vaper, e cigs don’t look like cigarettes anymore.

Vape Mods

A vapor cig and a vapor mod are two different things. They share a principle of offering an alternative for smokers by using battery-powered coils to heat e juice and create vapor, but everything else about them is different. Most of the time, an e cig is thought of as either an eGo or a cigalike. These are easy to use, even if you opt for the manual style. Beginners can start with either an eGo or a cigalike and vape happily without graduating to a more complex machine known as a mod.

itaste 134What is a Vape Mod?

The word “Mod” stands for “modifiable.” E cigs are not generally modifiable. They use unregulated batteries. That is, these power sources create an electrical current that starts high then diminishes over time until they need to be charged or they die. Once a battery needs to be recycled, the entire bottom end of an e cig goes to the recycling depot. An eGo or cigalike battery is the e cig.

Mods are tubes which use a microprocessor to demand more of a battery and connect this information to a screen. A tiny chip allows one to set voltage or watts and choose coils that will operate effectively at a chosen level of output. There is a dial or a button (or multiple buttons) with which to add or subtract volts or watts.

This microprocessor also protects a battery. It detects the signs of trouble which can cause circuitry to overheat and melt, rendering a mod useless or even dangerous. They can tell when a malfunction has caused electricity to default to the shortest circuit which, if not detected, would cause a fire in your device. In the case of a mod, this is a signal for the battery to shut down. You can try to start it up again later: if the battery was wet and dried out, for example, it might be alright, but not if a circuit has become detached or melted.

Microprocessors also recognize when voltage is too high or too low to be supported by the coil. Voltage will slowly change the resistance of your coil if you set it too high. Low voltage can kill your device too. Let the device tell you if the battery has been inserted backwards rather than simply shorting out.

Messages and values (ohms, volts, watts, and battery power) are displayed on a screen. The format of your interface differs between designs, particularly between tube mods like the iTaste 134 and box mods.

DNA Box Mods

These are vape mods shaped like iPods or small transistor radios, sometimes thin enough to pass for a cell phone (like the MVP), but often as thick as homemade, hand-sliced bread. They are light but contain all of the above power plus sometimes more. While an MVP reaches 15 watts, there are 20, 30, 50, 100, and 150 watt box mods.

The primary advantage of these devices is their ability to accept sub-ohms. Although you can safely attach a 0.8-ohm coil to the iTaste MVP, that is as low as you will want to go. On 30 watt mods, 0.5 ohms is usually fine, and at 100 and 150 watts the lowest value (depending on your chip) could be 0.15 ohms.

Box, Tube, or Both

House of Hybrids first developed a mixture of the box and tube shape; a futuristic design reminiscent of wind-up flashlights and similar off-grid technology. The ZNA uses a replaceable battery and operates to 20 or 30 watts. VaporFi has created one that is actually the same externally, with a battery vent to prevent overheating just like the ZNA, but the VOX costs a little bit less.

Pioneer4You, Sigelei, Cloupor, Hana Modz, and others have created their own mods. Actually, most are an assemblage of pieces anyone can buy over the internet. In fact, this is one of the easiest types of e cig mods to build at home without a lot of equipment.

Vents are built into the sides; the screen, circuits, and DNA chip can all be purchased separately along with box sides, screws, and mounting pieces. Batteries don’t usually come with a mod anyway so vapers would have had to buy those separately. The same goes for a tank. Box mods usually work with 510 fixed or adjustable threading to accept most tanks.

Sub-ohms are the latest craze with vapers who realize they can exhale huge clouds of aromatic, white, fluffy vapor when they combine high volts with low resistance.

Mods as More

The Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 might not be the most powerful item on the planet, but it has something the others don’t: the ability to act as a power bank. A built-in battery contains enough power on a single, full charge to power a cell phone or iPod. The MVP is also a pass-through device: you can vape and charge at the same time. An E-LVT by Dovpo is also a battery bank for other wireless devices, not to mention virtually indestructible.

A few other box mods can also be used as pass-through cigs if they have a USB charging port and it is stated that pass-through use is possible.

Mechanical Mods

When you use a vaping mod without a microprocessor and having only an unregulated battery to provide power, there is no protection — no easy way to adjust heat, vapor, etc. With these mods, you rely on your ability to set airflow around the atomizer and wrap coils to suitable resistance for the power of a battery. These techniques turn elegant or stunning engraved mechanical mods into adjustable devices.

Vape Pens

Vaporizers heat materials such as concentrates and plants so that the user inhales vapor instead of smoke. They are cigarette replacements and useful in the lives of smokers who want to quit, but also consumers who use medical marijuana for health reasons.

The most efficient devices are plug-ins which can be loaded with herbs, concentrates, or oils, plugged into a wall socket, and utilized for long periods of time before having to reload. They give you consistent power and reduce the amount of refilling that needs to be done. But there are disadvantages to using a desktop vaporizer.

Tied to the Chair

In a sense, you are tied to a single place if you own a desktop vaporizer. You can’t carry it around or go outside. It has to remain plugged in. A few devices can be operated using a battery pack instead, but most of them are either portable or stationary.

Yet, smoking was never a solely stationary activity for most people. They were moving around, disconnected from other people (often in an alley with the other smokers), or their power source was a moving car. To make the new vaping habit a practical one for them, there has to be a portable source of power to go with it. This is why portable vaporizers have become so popular and essential to ex-smokers particularly.

Iolite WisprPortable Vaporizers Understood

A portable product could resemble one of many items consumers would have in a house, a purse, or a car, such as an iPhone, radio, or lipstick tube. It can resemble a real cigarette, a pipe, or an inhaler or inhaler chamber.

All of these items are small, fit into a pocket or a bag, and they would fool many people if that was your goal. Until someone started heating one up, it would seem he was actually pulling out his handheld radio.

These devices are usually one-piece items. The herb or oil chamber is built into the device and the battery might be built in too (some can be removed, some cannot). They are rechargeable and can cost up to $250 each.

A few of them are lit with a real flame or operate using butane. There is enough room between the coil and herb or wax chamber to create convection and the material chamber is frequently made from ceramics for neutral, even heating.

A vape pen, however, comes apart into multiple pieces and is even smaller than a portable device. It will also cost no more than about $150; usually around $100, making it affordable for most people.

Trifecta by White RhinoTypes Of Vape Pens

Just a few names in the market right now are the Atmos Optimus, Konyo, Zig Zag, and Kandypen. There is the V2 Pro Series 3, Cloud Vapes, and Trippy Stix.

A Dube Pen, Dabber, and Persei have all joined the market to provide customers with a lot of choices. Many of these choices revolve around aesthetics and the insides are more or less the same.

Manufacturers utilize one of a handful of coil styles with some that are better than others, but many are simply an elliptical tube featuring different colors or a new logo according to the customer (that is, the brand).

Clients do not always realize that a $20 difference between pens (in certain instances) has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with packaging.

Plus Points of Vape Pens

A vape pen sounds like a good idea, and in many ways it is. Often the battery portion is compatible with two or more cartridge or clearomizer styles. This means the device can be used to vaporize concentrates, herbs, or liquids if the threading is universal and not proprietary. They are rechargeable, light, and discrete.

Pens are inexpensive. You can buy one for as little as $60, but that will probably get you a cheap product in every sense. It might leak or burn your materials and possibly burn you too. A lot of really inexpensive devices lack any safety features like a lock or automatic shut-off. Spend at least $80 on a vaporizer pen to get the safety features and quality you want for happy vaping and you still paid less than if you bought a Firefly (about $250).

MicroG PenDown Sides of Vape Pens

A lot of pens burn herbs because they are so small. There is no room for air to properly circulate so the element and herbs come into contact. Convection is safer and produces a nicer flavor, so you have to be careful with a pen-style vape. There are little screens that can be inserted between the coil and herbs, but these produce their own side effects such as tightening the draw and reducing airflow too much so vaporization is inefficient.

Batteries on these things want to run out in a hurry. They are expected to reach pretty high temperatures which drain a battery rapidly. Vape pens can be pretty, sleek, hip, and modern, but they don’t necessarily produce the highest-quality vapor and flavor. Cartridges have to be refilled often and the whole thing requires regular cleaning.

A product like the V2 Pro Series 3 3-in-1 pen shows how handy it is to buy a product that works with three different materials, but introduces the problem of a magnetic connection. While this is excellent and easy to use, the V2 Pro Series 3 battery only operates with Pro Series 3 cartridges.

Where Do You Go to Buy Vape Pens?

You can visit a manufacturer’s website if you want to find out more, and possibly purchase, a device. Atmos, V2, and others all sell products directly. I would not advise this necessarily, just because so many retailers carry various pens at better prices and sometimes offer extra incentives like free shipping or a free gift with every purchase. A number of physical stores also carry vaporizers including pen vapes.

Look around at websites and stores to find out what you receive for the price you pay. Check for a warranty, read what each package contains, and learn of any free extra accessories a vendor has to offer.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Say Hello To Your Little Friend.

E Liquids

Don’t let e liquid snobs fool you into thinking they know what you should like. They get to sounding like wine snobs: those people who say you shouldn’t like a bottle that costs less than $25 or comes from the wrong longitude/latitude. Taste is determined by many factors: sense of smell, memory, sensitivity, open-mindedness, and more. Besides, there are whole groups of people for whom anything sweet is disgusting (people who usually like cheese and dry wine) and plenty of individuals who could eat chocolate three meals a day. Everyone is different.

The Best E Liquid is Your Favorite

I’m trying to say that the best e liquid is one that fits criteria you set.

Here are some of the factors affecting your choices:

• Cost
• Allergens
• Flavor preferences
• Your e cig setup

A number of consumers find they are allergic to propylene glycol, that food colorings irritate them, or are affected by particular flavorings. If you were hyper-sensitive to anything orange as a child, it’s possible an orange-colored e liquid will give you a rash or make you jittery even now. Don’t forget that ingesting and inhaling ingredients is different. Some scientists argue that you consume more of something by inhaling vapor than by swallowing that ingredient.

Some Favorites

It is true, though, that some companies have created excellent products. Even if 90% of their stock is merely so-so, the other 10% gets such enthusiastic reviews that you wonder how their e liquid can be so inexpensive. Here are some of the brands I will look at below, chosen more because they are overlooked in favor of some elite brands than out of personal preference. I’m talking about Carpe Diem, Velvet Cloud, Adirondack, Aces, and Kind Juice.

Adirondack from Rome New York

The Adirondacks in Upstate New York are idyllic, beautiful, and now associated with the “Summit” e juice line. They also make a series called “Base Camp,” but since Summit liquids are their best offering we’ll talk about those. They come in green square bottles and feature propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin 70/30, 50/50, or max vegetable glycerin. Choose up to 1.8 mg of nicotine: not that much, but potent if you go for a 70/30 blend.

Placid contains the essences of pear, strawberry, honeysuckle, and lime (artificial or natural is not stated). Ticonderoga is an unusual but excellent elderberry vape. Try Delta if you like berries, watermelon, and guava, but have never tried them all together before.

Carpe Diem Vapor

It’s the same story at Carpe Diem: no details about ingredients being USP, food-grade, natural, artificial, etc. I would bet these are not made from natural extracts merely because the use of such high-quality ingredients would be a selling point worth sharing.

Strawberry NomNom has captivated audiences with its real strawberry flavor and hints of cinnamon and sugar, just like a dish from childhood summer picnics. Slevin has won awards for its blend of cinnamon, apples, and ice cream (sort of like pie). Lemon pound cake and icing come across strongly, but not too strongly in Lemon my Cupcake.

Velvet Cloud

This company from San Francisco proudly makes propylene glycol-free e liquids, adding a small amount of distilled water to vegetable glycerin so it is not too thick for your atomizer. Their Mewlew’s Revenge is butterscotch and dark chocolate combined with dark fruits, like gourmet chocolate. Vanilla Custard has received almost 500 reviews and gets 4 ½ stars. Straw Gwab (strawberry guava) is equally reliable, popular, and not too sweet.

Aces E Juice

Maverick e juice has received high ratings on Spinfuel, and that’s the place to go if you want to know the opinions of several expert palates. This juice features the feel and flavor of vanilla custard and caramel. Aces also makes other flavors, but you can’t do much better than to be ranked highly by Spinfuel.

Kind Juice

As I mentioned above, e liquids sometimes irritate users unexpectedly. The fact is consumers are often completely unaware of what is in their e liquid and assume that no one would produce a juice that could hurt someone. Even though the harm is unintentional, reactions to these products are inevitable because of ignorance behind the scenes.

Just about anyone can make an e liquid and sell it online. There is still plenty of space for competition if you can hang your product on a gimmicky hook. These juices are the reason the FDA is getting involved, but Kind Juice has acted ahead of the FDA to promote juice that won’t hurt anyone.

At least, they seem to have covered all the bases: GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial flavorings, sweeteners, dyes, and pesticides are all out. Their flavors are made entirely from vegetable glycerin and organic extracts. Geisha Moon Sing tastes like plum wine and jasmine with just the right amount of floral and plenty of depth. A spicy clove e juice, Teacher’s Pet is intense.

More Juices

I’m not picking favorites here, but showing the vaping world that if all they have ever known is Halo or V2, there is plenty more e juice to be had. Those are good juices too, but there are no limits to what a vaper could experience with a bit of bravery and some guidance. Most of the flavors I have noted above contain no tobacco. It’s a trend to make sweet or fruity e liquid and for the public to prefer that over tobacco. For good tobacco choices, try Crystal Canyon Vapes and Halo.

The World of Vaporizers

What a strange world it is, this world of vaporizers. Their shapes are unusual and mixed. Some look like nothing more than ball point pens or they are a little thicker, resembling sharpies and the felts children use to write on windows. Several could be mistaken for remote control toys: helicopters with acrylic cockpits.

Numerous vaporizers mimic e cigs, especially the battery portion, although cartridges vary to follow the lines of the battery or balloon out into bulbs. Vaporizers are large, small; odd and incognito. They invite closer inspection and exploration from everyone, even the merely curious.

Volcano Vaporizer DisplayTabletop Vaporizers for Private Vapers

Vaporizers have legal and illegal purposes. While a host of consumers have chosen to vaporize tobacco in preference to smoking, a huge contingent is smoking marijuana. Neither of these activities is publicly acceptable.

Each of these activities can be highly social. It all depends on the person and whom he socializes with. Several large vaporizers are built with group vaping in mind.

These are too unwieldy to carry around and must live on a kitchen or coffee table. When configured for social use, they resemble electronic squid with tubes coming out in more than one direction like tentacles. Several take on the appearance of bottom-heavy hot air balloons, doll-sized. Users fill the balloon with vapor and pass it around.

But not everyone wants to enjoy vapor with friends. For a lot of people, vape time is an opportunity to unwind with the TV on or knitting in front of them. These individuals use handheld or hands-free models but they do not have tentacles. One tube will suffice or even none: there are many possibilities. While plugged into a wall socket, these vaporizers keep working until the herbs or wax run out.

FireflyPortable Vaporizers for Mobile Vapers

With all of the box- and volcano-shaped mods out there, it would be easy to overlook the lovely portable models available. There are many good-looking devices that operate efficiently on battery power, but just a couple of devices that use oil.

Portable vaporizers don’t need cords so users can drive, cycle, walk, hike, or go out for a “smoke” break with their colleagues.

Handheld vaporizers are also a lot of fun. They look like pipes, cell phones, remote controls, radios, and inhalers. The purpose of such fun shapes is disguise: consumers would rather the world did not know what they’ve got in their bags.

Whether it contains tobacco or something else, that doesn’t matter. In their ignorance, bystanders will always assume the worst. They might be right too.

Handheld vaporizer batteries don’t hold their charge all day. Consumers dislike the heavy size of a desktop vaporizer or the fact that it is connected to a wall, but they appreciate its consistent provision of power by contrast to the limited charge of a handheld unit.

G Pro Herbal VaporizerPen-Style Vaporizers: Minute Technology

The inside of a pen-style vaporizer is much like the inside of an e cig. A battery powers a heating element/coil which heats wax or herbs in a tank. The best thing about these little devices is their tiny size which is easy to conceal. The worst thing is that pen-style vapes often get so hot they are difficult to hold and burn their herbs the way cigarettes do.

That just ruins everything and negates the purpose of a vaporizer: that is, to create vapor, not ash. Pen vapes are also plagued by the same problem as portable units: short-lived batteries. But when you buy a good-quality one (and quality continues to improve), they are excellent for road trips.

Select a Brand of Vaporizer

If you have any wiring skill at all, you might be one of the countless individuals who have tried to build a vaporizer. Loads of consumers have been conned into parting with their cash for a box-shaped vape which operated for an hour at best and nearly burned their houses down. Some, for a low price of $20, just didn’t do anything.

It’s a dodgy industry, but the same rules apply here as they do in the electronics industry overall. If your vaporizer doesn’t have a serial number, warranty, or recognizable brand name, it was probably built by some guy named Harry in his shed while under the influence of herbs.

Harry (or Bill, or Dwayne, or Jake) knew how to make a fast buck and how to cover his tracks. The phone number he gave you for after-sale enquiries is out-of-service or, strangely, directs you to a little old lady three states away who doesn’t know anything about vaporizers but would love to talk to you about her cat Zippy.

Play by the Rules

Always buy a vaporizer from a reputable dealer. You can tell which ones those are by conducting background checks on the internet. Read forums and ask questions. Refer to the Better Business Bureau. Look for a history. Search for a real address (not a P.O. Box). Phone their toll-free number and say “I was just checking to make sure this is a real company.” You’ll probably be greeted with a knowing chuckle.

Next, check the brand. Look for similar credentials: does this brand have a history? What do consumers say about the company and, more specifically, a model of vaporizer?

Select a Device

You have read above just some of the many shapes and styles on the market today. How do you pick just one? Prices are coming down, so you don’t have to choose. But ask yourself this: do you vape herbs, oils, waxes, e liquids, or all of them? If you like a lot of different materials, buy a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 portable or pen-style vaporizer.

Do you vape on the road or at home? If you said “at home,” select a reliable tabletop mod you can plug in with a big ceramic heating chamber.

Choose products made with as much glass, ceramics, and stainless steel as possible. They provide the cleanest tastes and highest quality. If there are plastics involved, be sure these are sealed away from the vapor path and only utilized to create the outer shell.